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Product Code - NB03 
IBC S100x8 (3 Inch) Female Buttress to (2 inch) BSP Female Adapter
•          S100x8 male buttress
•          2inch BSP female adapter
•          Manufactured from reinforced polypropylene
•          Supplied with LDPE gasket
•          70°C maximum temperature with a -20 minimum temperature
•          Resistant to most chemicals and hazardous materials
These adapters will fit most standard UK and European IBC containers where the outer thread after the valve is a S100x8 male thread. An S100x8 thread measures 100mm across from the edge of each thread and has an 8mm pitch (distance between the threads).
This adapter will convert the S100x8 thread buttress to a 2inch BSP female thread.

Introducing our high-quality hose accessories, including the versatile IBC tank adaptor and the convenient water butt tap hose connector. These accessories are designed to enhance your water storage and distribution systems with their exceptional features.

Crafted from durable reinforced polypropylene, these adapters offer excellent strength and longevity. They are built to withstand various environmental conditions and are resistant to most chemicals and hazardous materials. With a temperature range of -20°C to a maximum of 70°C, they ensure reliable performance in different climates.

Both the IBC tank adaptor and water butt tap hose connector come complete with an LDPE gasket, ensuring a tight and secure seal. This feature prevents leaks and enables efficient water flow, providing peace of mind for your water storage needs.

Upgrade your water storage system today with our high-quality hose accessories. The IBC tank adaptor allows for seamless connection between your IBC tank and hoses, facilitating easy water transfer. The water butt tap hose connector enables convenient attachment of a hose to your water butt tap, making watering tasks effortless.

Experience the reliability and durability of our hose accessories. Manufactured from reinforced polypropylene and supplied with LDPE gaskets, they offer outstanding performance. With their resistance to chemicals and hazardous materials, you can confidently use them for various applications.

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