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Product Code - NB56
IBC S100x8 (3 inch) Female to Replacement IBC Outlet
•          S100x8 female buttress
•          IBC Butterfly Outlet
•          Manufactured from reinforced polypropylene
•          Supplied with LDPE gasket
•          70°C maximum temperature with a -20 minimum temperature
•          Resistant to most chemicals and hazardous materials
This fitting will replace most IBC Outlets with the 3inch replaceable outlet.

Elevate Your IBC Water Tank Control with the NB56 IBC S100x8 (3 inch) Female to Replacement IBC Outlet - The Ultimate Solution for Safe and Efficient Liquid Management!

Perfect Compatibility: Our NB56 adapter is designed to seamlessly fit IBC 1000 litre water tank valves with a 2-inch/62 mm size. It ensures a secure and precise connection for efficient liquid handling.

High-Quality Butterfly Valve: The replacement outlet features a butterfly valve crafted from high-density polyethylene and other engineering plastics through injection moulding and assembly. This innovative design not only enhances the appearance but also provides exceptional durability.

Resistant to the Elements: With remarkable resistance to acids, alkalis, and corrosion, the butterfly valve can withstand the harshest chemical environments. It boasts high mechanical strength, making it a dependable choice for controlling outlets in chemical processes, liquid storage tanks, and containers.

Environmentally Friendly: Designed for sustainability, the valve can be used repeatedly, contributing to environmental protection efforts. Its dependable performance and durability mean fewer replacements and less waste.

Temperature and Pressure Resilience: The valve operates smoothly within a temperature range of -20℃ to +70℃, and it has a working pressure of 0.15MPa (tested at 0.2MPa). This ensures its reliability in various conditions.

Safety Assured: Having passed rigorous drop tests, you can trust in the safety and longevity of this replacement outlet.

Splash Control: The valve's primary purpose is to control the outlet of plastic containers, preventing liquid from splashing in all directions, ensuring safety during use. This fitting will replace most IBC Outlets with the 3 inch replaceable outlet.

Weight: 440 Grams